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Provincial and National guidelines for choosing and submitting
Candidates for the Youth Awards

Following the guidelines for the Provincial Youth Award, Provincial directors and their board of directors may choose a local candidate to receive a Provincial Youth Award. The award may be in the form of a trophy, certificate of merit, medal, plaque or whatever each province sees fit to honour their winner.

After the awards have been presented on the local level, each province may submit the youth’s name for the National Youth Award. A bio describing the candidate’s accomplishments, their community involvement regarding organ donation, transplantation and creating awareness, must accompany the name submission.

National and Provincial Awards

The Canadian Transplant Association (CTA) board will form an awards committee prior to the Canadian Transplant Games in order to decide on the recipients of the National Youth Award and the Gloria Santini Award. These awards will be presented every two years, on the final evening of the Canadian Transplant Games. If the recipient is unable to attend, recognition of the award and the recipient’s accomplishments will take place. A representative from the winner’s province will receive the award and take it back to their home province. It will then be the responsibility of the Provincial director to ensure a special event, in the recipient’s hometown, will take place to present the award.


The Provincial Youth Award must be presented three months prior to the Canadian Transplant Games. The winners’ names must be submitted to the National Awards committee two months prior to the Canadian Transplant Games.

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